Dear Boat Show Fender Kickers,


We know that you’re just want to spent a nice weekend looking at what represents an 18+ Billion dollar industry for the State of Florida. We welcome you and hope that you become enamored enough to join our tribe of enthusiasts. All we ask is that you respect the time, effort and expense that the exhibitors invest into this event. For most of us, this particular boat show represents a pivotal milestone in our yearly revenue. A good FLIBS event could be the difference between a healthy company and one that has to face layoffs going into the holidays. Nearly all sales staff in the boating industry are strictly on commission with boat shows typically representing 70% of their income. Beyond the sales staff are the project managers, service team, designers, drafters, carpenters, bookeepers and so many more that make this industry tick.

These shows are equally important to the buyers. These are the people that have been studying, planning and seriously contemplating a purchase. These shows offer them a chance to touch and feel, ask questions and possibly negotiate their dream boat. It’s a big emotional and financial decision that deserves a lot of time and attention.

A proper boat show experience is one where the buyers can spend as much time with an exhibitor as they need to make the proper purchasing decision. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Often times exhibitors are bombarded by visitors that have no intention of purchasing any time soon or ever. This is ok and it’s actually e

Pretending to be a buyer just to get a on a boat (you know who you are) can have long lasting effects in the lives of both the exhibitors and the buyers.

If all you want is a peek at a boat and have no real interest or capacity to purchase one, please be up front with the exhibitor. If client traffic is heavy they might ask you to come back. Don’t be offended, just understand that those 5 days are very, very important to them.┬áIf you are mindful of this I guarantee you that most of them will ask you to come back when things are a little slower when they can give you a quick tour. Fair?