DL 26



The naval engineering of all the craft in the Dreamline range is remarkable for its breakthroughs in terms of higher performance and lower consumption. Designed hulls that are specially streamlined to reduce resistance and enable correct sailing in displacement and when planning. At speeds of up to 12 knots. At higher speeds the hull easily begins to plane, allowing yachts to cruise at speeds of up to 30 knots with resistance coefficients that cannot be compared to conventional craft.

Every yacht built by DL Yachts brings technology, innovation and quality. Projects available in both, VTR and aluminium, so owners are free to choose the material they wish to build the yacht of their dreams in, and its production expertise ensures the end result is always the best.

We guide owners towards the best solutions for their particular needs. So every owner has the chance to build not just a yacht, but their very own yacht. Beautifully designed aesthetic and functional details are entrusted to passionate experts who bring  their experience and the highest quality.






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