Introducing: Dynamiq Yachts D4L

Dynamiq, the next-generation superyacht builder, will display a large-scale D4L  model as well as a “Dynamiq Design Wall,” where all colour options will be presented. You will be able to create your own yachts using the first-to-the-industry Online Configurator.

She is a perfect fast family cruiser, ideal for the Mediterranean, Caribbean or Asian islands. With the largest sundeck in her class and with options for four or five guest cabins, she is the perfect realisation of top comfort in a practical and relatively compact size.

When on board, whether cruising, at anchor or in port, the comfort of you and your guests is paramount. Dynamiq yachts offer a smooth and stable motion thanks to the innovative hull design, which also uses the latest in electric stabilisers and special hull control systems. The owner’s cabin is located in the optimal position on the lower deck, where motion is proven to be at a minimum. The quality of the air you breathe is assured with an advanced air conditioning system that refreshes the air several times an hour, while special, next-generation glass for the main deck windows keeps the heat out. Noise and vibration are the lowest in class, thanks to exceptional insulation and our innovative propulsion system. Even on deck your comfort is assured, thanks to wind protection and infrared heaters that extend the seasons you can enjoy the outdoor spaces.






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POD DRIVES: Aligned hopop drivesrizontally, Fortjes pods are much more efficient than any system using shafts and propellers. Their positioning outside the hull also means greatly reduced noise and vibration levels, as well as lower emissions. The pods use counter-rotating propellers linked via a compact gearbox to the main engines, reducing engine room space requirements by nearly 18%, which means more accommodation for you and your guests. Built in Germany.





STABILIZATION: The motion of your yacht at sea and at       anchor is critical for comfort on board. That’s why Dynamiq uses cutting edge electric stabilizers from CMC Marine to reduce roll underway by up to 85% and at anchor by up to 55%. The electric system has several advantages. The stabilisers are far quieter, more reactive, take up less space and are more power efficient than hydraulic counterparts.




OPTIMIZED HUslide-optimized-hullLL: Dynamiq’s unique hulls are the foundation of our efficient yacht concept. Two of the biggest names in superyacht naval architecture, both based in The Netherlands, applied their collective expertise to create the hull lines of the Dynamiq series. Drawn by Azure Naval architects and optimized by hydrodynamic specialists Van Oossanen, Dynamiq yachts feature a modified round-bilge design that gives a hull with a remarkably low resistance figure, so Dynamiq yachts are characterized by low fuel consumption while still being capable of high speeds. The design also decreases vertical accelerations in the hull – and that translates to a far more comfortable motion when sailing. Dynamiq’s avante-garde styling matches the cutting edge design work that has gone into creating a modern bow shape with a vertical stem. This maximises the waterline length, enhancing performance even more.




XIR GLASS: Dynamiq yachts feature special, next- generation laminated XIR glass with a natural clear appearance that allows maximum light transmission, while keeping solar heat gain at bay. Harmful UV rays are almost completely blocked, and heat transmission reduced by 60%. The result is an interior that offers the vast panoramas of large windows but without the penalty of heat build-up. This means significantly reduced air-conditioning loads and therefore lower running costs. Developed by US-based Southwall Technologies, XIR glass is widely used in the luxury automotive sector.




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