Fractional Yacht Ownership Opportunities

enjoying the water on a motoryacht yacht. Boat for less

Experience all the benefits of yacht ownership without the hassles of mooring, maintaining or servicing your vessel – and for just the amount of time you have available to enjoy it.

fractional yachts people enjopy the waters for less

If you want to go boating for more than one week a year, but don’t feel like you are quite ready to fully own a yacht?! You are not alone, fractional Yacht ownership is a savvy alternative solution to traditional yacht ownership that is better suited to today’s busy lifestyle.

The major difference from traditional timeshare models, is that here you actually have a real ownership, and as such you have the right to trade and sell it as you please and get some money back. The most common forms of fractional ownership are private airplanes, however the trend is rapidly growing for luxury yachts, property and high end cars!

We found some excellent deals on two yachts that have already been purchase and looking for additional owners to buy a share. Both designated Florida, Bahamas, and the Caribbean as their boating playground, and will call South Florida home.

2012 Cruiser 540 Sport Yacht

2012 Cruiser 54 SC for fractional ownership


2005 Azimut 80 FB

2005 Azimut 80 flybridge offered as a fractional deal

If you like to learn more about this concept or specific break down of the yachts above feel free to contact us.