Funny Boating: pictures and videos to keep you laughing the entire week

Its April Fools today… Enjoy our collection of funny, bizarre, wacky, and sometime scary moment in boating…


wacky boating pictures

Airborne brigade


Boating Blooper

Boat wedgie

scary boating accident

Rock climbing


funny boating accident

Really? Really! … no seriously someone explain

boat going into the water bow first at full speed scary boating accident

Aft Deck . . . holy %^&#!


a wacky boater

A bit stern heavy

a boat super highway

A water bridge


boating blooper

That’s one way to wipe off your strainers

a old classic passanger liner on the rocks boating accident

Send us your favorite picture, video, or story and we will include it the next time we bring to light the unsung heroes in our midst.

Go enjoy your boat