Happy Holidays and a Cruising New Year

Ha the holidays are finally here… time to shift gear and spend some quality time with our loved ones. Around the corner 2011 is preparing to make her grand entrance, until then you have a few days to wounder…

Can I finally get a cool, unique, awesome boating gift over here?

This is not the ultimate guide, or the top 10 list of the season. Just our humble opinion after searching on the grand all webernet . In no particular order here is what we found. feel free to suggest other gift ideas, share a joke, or just say hello.

customize your own boat shoes

Build your own boat shoes by Timberland

Lets face it if you are a boater chances are individualism is high on your list of traits. So after you found a unique name, decorated, accessorized, and customized your boat inside and out… Why not do the same to your boating shoes?

Visit the Timberland website it’s fun, simple, and most of all affordable. All boat shoes will be hand made to your requirements, with endless options to customizing leather colors, stitching, laces, hardware, and soles. You could even have a “designed by” added to the footbed plug or monogram the collar and tongue with your initials.

Orders could take two to three weeks during the off season, so its probably best if you hold your runway ambition for a couple of months.

Galley Floor Mat… Are you gelling?

Galley floor mats for boaters

Many boaters experience pain in their feet and back from standing on hard, unforgiving flooring for extended periods of time. The GelPro Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats has a soft, shock-absorbing gel core that will contours to your feet as weight is applied and pushes evenly the entire time you are on the mat. There are over 200 combinations of style, size, and designer colors to choose from and the top surface is stain resistant.

Will you be bold enough to choose the crocodile red, or the ostrich atlantic blue?

360 Degree Recycled Sailcloth Bags

Recycled bag made from sailcloth

Made from genuine recycled sailboat sails, these bags are stylish and extremely durable. Each bag has been thoroughly cleaned & bleached, and each sport a unique tag informing you the sail’s history: sea it has sailed, type of boat it came from, and the type of sail it once was. To learn more watch the video below, or visit the 360 degrees sailcloth bag to purchase them.


Dahon Mariner Folding Bike

Dahon Mariner Folding Bike perfect holiday gift

Designed specifically for boaters, the Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike makes your in-shore adventures a lot more fun and convenient. It stashes easily into even the tiniest of boat holds. But when you arrive at a port of call it unfolds in seconds to help you explore or shop for supplies. Built with rust-resistant coating and only 26 lbs this light weight state of the art bike is the perfect companion on your next cruise.

Joyful Holidays and a Happy New Year from Lucid… make it a special one!

Special thanks to Yacht Candy a rocking site for boating accessories, gadgets and gifts