There’s always in our minds a wish or more that have not yet become a reality for diverse reasons, but, there’s also a time when the will and the capability of doing it coincide and great things occur. In Lucid we are all dreamers, and that’s why we want to help you making your dream yacht come true exactly the way you dreamed of.

In order to make things as you want and knowing for sure that any detail, as small as it could be, won’t be left off, customizing the brand new yacht is the path to follow. Going from simple requests that could make your yacht unique, like quarters decorated based in a specific theme or designs to use on the interiors, we work along with you. Our team gets on the details of yacht construction every day to be updated and is passionate by every new project, since we know is a dream coming true in our hands.

Every effort made to have that moment when your dream gets in contact for the first time with the water, exactly as you ever imagined it, ready to sail away. Then, celebration begins and the journey of that idea that you had has ended. Now you are within that materialized idea and we can brag about another dream come true.

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