Our Brands

Lucid Yacht Group offers only the top brands.

NISI Yachts

Combining simplicity and elegance, NISI Yachts offers luxury yachts with a contemporary design with many features usually reserved for larger vessels.

Founded in 2004, NISI is a European wholly owned luxury yacht builder which has the experience and expertise from three different regions – North America, Europe and Asia – so the finest features from each region’s boat building heritage are part of the fresh design and high performance on each of the produced yachts. NISI GTX50 winner, Most Innovative,World Yacht Throphies (September 2014)

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Abel Yachts

With the ‘international yacht’ quality in mind, Abel Yachts builds luxury yachts, tenders and bespoke accessories.

Based in Croatia, merges experienced yacht building management with the talented and cost efficient labour force available in the country making it an excellent option to get luxury yachts and related accessories.