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Lucid Alert: Amazing opportunity on 2010 92′ Fast Expedition Yacht!!

It’s a 2010 in remarkable condition with extended engine warranties and for less than 50% replacement cost. This yacht is truly turn-key. Just came back from the Bahamas and ready to head off again.

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Argos Yacht G92 by Tricon Marine for sale at the fort lauderdale 2010 boat show

2010 Argos 92′ Gulfstream for sale

Argos Yacht Build Review:

Problem: manning your flybridge helm requires a raincoat, Exxon executives know your first name and the boys at the club call you “the buoy”.

Solution: Design a semi-displacement hull teetering on semi-planning. The Argos hull delivers very flat running angles throughout the speed curve from 7 knots to 27 knots (and higher). She cuts like a knife in head seas, diffuses the impact of quartering seas on the sides of her bow, rolls minimally in beam seas, stays stead without wallowing in cornering seas, and keeps a straight course in a following sea (again, without wallowing). Efficient hull = less engines = less fuel = more money in your pocket! Smaller engines result in savings on the overall cost of the boat, longer range, a quieter boat and a more accessible and comfortable engine room. A boat that runs properly, saves you money and keeps you dry, what a novel idea.

Bonus: This special hull design delivers true displacement type economy at 8 knots, economical slow cruising at 14 knots, and a high cruise (75% of load) at 23 + knots. Prove it? The 92 tested at a near 1:1 mile to gallon ratio at 8kts giving her Trans-Atlantic range! The 65 and 80 models can be configured with smaller engines and still deliver an 18kt top end or with a standard engine package to get you a consistent 23kt cruise!

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2010 Argos 92 engine expedition yacht for sale at the ft lauderdale boat show

Does your engine room look like this? Will it look like this after 5 years?

Problem: The old and stinky E/R. Most engine rooms have painted bilges and perforated aluminum sheets covering up all sorts of wires and pipes. The fiberglass is painted but uneven leaving tons of spaces for grime to accumulate. It’s done this way because it’s quick and easy. The drawback is that soon after delivery the paint yellows from the heat and stains from soot and grime. The aluminum also looks worn and it’s almost impossible to clean the areas behind it. Eventually you are forced to repaint the engine room, but it’s never quite the same. We all just accept that “it looks like a 5 year old boat”

Solution: Instead of covering up the problem, Argos faires, paints and polishes the bilges, walls and ceilings so that you can easily wipe them and keep her looking good! Countless man hours go into this process, but the result is a smooth finish that looks as good as the exterior of the yacht. Without a place for grime to hide, odors don’t linger for long and your checkbook doesn’t have to come out. This is the heart of your yacht, treat it like you would your own and you’ll enjoy boating so much more. By the way, this amazing faired and polished look is standard from stern to the bow on the 80’+ models and up to the engine room on the other models!!!

Argos 92 Expedition yacht for sale - engine

Attractive, rugged and useful; just like the good looking fellas at Lucid.

Problem: Raw water engine strainers impossible to service. On most boats you have to be a contortionist or have go-go-gadget arms just to get to the strainers. Coming out of the engine room with bloody knuckles and torn clothing has become almost a badge of honor for many, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Solution: Eliminate it. Notice the engine intake…no interior strainer. Surprised? Argos models use an exterior scoop system that self cleans so you don’t have to fiddle with it. This exterior strainer system is not new, it’s actually a tried and tested system used on some of the best custom yachts. We tested it during numerous trips on the G92, including an extended stay in the Bahamas with Yachting Magazine’s Executive Editor, Jason Wood. But don’t worry, you can still cut your fingers cracking open stone crabs.

Argos 92 Gulfstream for sale at the fort lauderdale boat show 2010

Problem: The spacious, but useless lazarette. Nearly every motoryacht over 55’ has a decent lazarette, but a constant problem is that the pumps, lines and equipment are laid out all over the floors or walls so boaters have to be careful not to stack anything on them. That’s counterproductive when the purpose of a lazarette is to carry all your supplies.

Solution: Argos solves this problem by protecting pumps and equipment behind durable compartments so you are free to stack bins to your heart’s desire without concern that you’ll slice a hose. Of course the Argos signature faired & polished look adds an amazing touch. Also available is a factory storage system that can be configured to your specific needs such as diving and fishing. A side benefit is the reduction in noise by enclosing the pumps…and if that wasn’t enough, air conditioning is standard on models over 80’. Ahhhhh

View full specs of the 2010 Argos 92 or call 954.650.7353 for a private and confidential viewing.

Tricon Marin AC system - 2010 Argos 92 for sale at the fort lauderdale boat show

Problem: The cold spot. It’s a warm day outside so the AC is cranking in the salon and blowing hard on you…but then you reach a point where you’re cooled down and they’re still blowing hard on you. Now you’re getting chilly, your contacts are drying up but your guests across the room are still sweating. That night you’re in bed playing the kick the sheets off then bundle up game as the AC comes on and off. Adding to the fun is the loud noise from the unit that forces you to rub the volume buttons raw on the TV remote.

Solution: Hold onto something for this one: Move all the air handlers below decks and encase them in thermo and sound insulated boxes. Replace the common corrugated ducting with custom fiberglass ducts in varying sizes to maximize air flow. Finish it off by diffusing the air around the room through the ceiling valences. What?!?! Yes, you read correctly. The result is controlled air ambiance, cool air feeding the returns, more storage in the cabins and dramatically reduced noise. You also never have to worry about a clogged drain on the air handler pan pouring rusty water all over your carpets, or the technician making a mess in your room while he fixes it- everything is below deck in the bilges!

master stateroom on a explorer yacht for sale, Argos 92 at the fort lauderdale boat show

Room with a view!

Problem: Try hard to ignore the idea of waking up to these amazing panoramic views- the issue we’re trying to highlight is sunlight, make that the unforgiving Floridian sunlight. We all want great views, but rooms with big windows create direct sunlight stress on the wood which eventually lead to joints separating. Enter a boat with a few years on her and you’ll likely find joints that have been filled with wood putty and possibly touched up. At best they look decent, at worst they look terrible, but they all cost money.

Solution: Eliminate the possibility for separation by eliminating the joints in the first place. Argos yachts are built with custom jigs to painstakingly create long and intricate moldings out of a solid piece of wood. In the photo above you see numerous compound curves that would normally require several pieces of wood to be glued together. On this, and all Argos yachts, those are all single units that took weeks to build instead of hours. More work up front means a lot less for you when you own her.

Back lit mirror and a/c diffused on a megayacht bathroom, argos 92 for sale at the ft laud int boat show

Ooooh la la!

Problem: Dark and boring vanities. Ok, maybe this isn’t a huge problem, but this is an area that can use improvement. Typically overhead lights are the only form of lighting provided in heads making it difficult to apply make-up or slip in a contact lens. Many boats will compensate by adding a strip of halogen bulbs across the top of the mirror, but this looks dated and isn’t much better.

Solution: Make a single opening mirror panel to get to the medicine cabinet then install natural light fluorescent lighting to the side mirrors. The result is comfortable lighting that illuminates your face properly and looks as elegant as it makes you feel. Replacing the bulbs is simple: a couple of screws at the bottom of the mirror release the entire panel in less than 30 seconds.

View full specs of the 2010 Argos 92 or call 954.650.7353 for a private and confidential viewing.

Shower drain & water heater location on a large boat, argos 92' for sale at the fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2010

The elegance of marble…made possible on a boat by honeycomb.

Problem: You take a shower in a puddle of water, or you stand on a teak crate that is impossibly annoying to keep clean. Yuck!

Solution: Use honeycomb marble for the rich look (instead of the tired white gelcoat showers) then raise the floor pan and create channels all around to keep your feet puddle free. Simple, effective and attractive. And yes, that circular top pops up so you can clean the drain.

Bonus: A small water heater is placed immediately behind this wall so that the owner has virtually instant hot showers.

Flybridge on a yacht see hardtop supports, argos 92 for sale at the fort lauderdale int boat show 2010

Rush hour traffic, Argos style

Problem: Ugly and obtrusive hardtop supports. Standard installation of these hardtops calls for extra legs at the top and bottom of the support posts and sometimes across the front in a V angle. These do the trick of keeping her steady, but they are less than attractive and take away valuable sight lines.

Solution: Construct the hardtop using cored materials to make it very light and stiff then hide the forward stanchion supports below the topsides. That’s right, they take those supports you see in the photo, machine a flange to the bottom that gets thru-bolted to a backing plate then spread the load with a split support that’s hidden from view. Why? Because its the proper way to do things!

Bonus: Did you notice the backrest of the seating on the right? That’s right, the angle is built into the seat, not the cushion. Too many builders make straight back seats and rely on cut foam cushions to form the proper back support. The problem is that leads to hard cushions that sag over time forcing boaters to use small toss pillows to find comfort. How nice to see someone doing it right!

Double Bonus: That helm pod is hinged so that with a flick of two latches it swings forward to give you full access to all the components!

View full specs of the 2010 Argos 92 or call 954.650.7353 for a private and confidential viewing.

catching lobsters aboard a 92' yacht for sale at flibs 2010

Problem: You’re reading about this instead of living it.

Solution: Contact us today to find out how you can own one of these amazing yachts.

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Lucid Alert: Amazing opportunity on 2010 92′ Fast Expedition Yacht!!

It’s a 2010 in remarkable condition with extended engine warranties and for less than 50% replacement cost. This yacht is truly turn-key. Just came back from the Bahamas and ready to head off again.

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