IPS drives make boating (docking) fun again

Volvo Penta Marine IPS drives

The Volvo Penta IPS (Inboard Performance System) revolutionized the boating market. Their system is so easy to use many people who thought operating a yacht is too difficult, are becoming boaters. If you ever doubted check out the numerous video boaters are posting online.


Five years after its launch, there are already more than 10,000 IPS units on the market. The IPS program is now being expanded still further. With new and larger drive units coupled to the 13 liter engine, Volvo Penta will launch a further two power classes, IPS1050 and IPS1200, this year.

Their forward-facing and efficient propellers, has largely replaced the boat industry’s traditional shaft installations. The first stage of the IPS system was based on Volvo Penta’s 4 and 6-litre diesel engines. Last year, two new power classes were launched with larger drive units based on Volvo’s 11-liter engines.

This year, Volvo Penta is launching a third stage based on the Volvo Group’s 13-litre engines. The two new IPS drive packages generate the equivalent of 1,050 and 1,200 horsepower, respectively, compared with conventional inboard installations.

This means that Volvo Penta can now offer the IPS system for boats all the way up to 100+ feet.
Volvo Penta IPS by the numbers

performance, emissions and onboard comfort are but a few of the things Volvo lists as the benefits you will get from their IPS systems, over the traditional shaft drives. Here is their claim…
• 30% reduced fuel consumption
• 30% less CO2 emissions
• 50% lower perceived noise level
• 40% longer cruising range
• 20% higher top-speed
• Safe and predictable handling
• Joystick docking

Boaters love the ease of steering, the fuel efficiency, and the control they get during docking. Volvo can install up to four joysticks throughout the yacht, which means you can dock while standing on aft deck, where you have the best possible view. Eliminate the long shafts and Yacht designers and builders love the the extra space they can allocate to the living quarters.


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The new volvo ips drives

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