How to find your dream boat faster

There are currently thousands of power motoryachts listings posted for sale worldwide. Shopping for a yacht should be very exciting, but it can easily become frustrating. Do you have time, money and patience to spare? If you can afford one of these beauties then the answer is most likely NO!

You usually start with a size then you hone in on a style which leads you to brands and finally to price and year.  You’ll probably run through this cycle several times as you become more aware of specific models and just how much boat your budget really affords. After some time, you’ll come up with a list at which point you’re next move (if you’re not already exhausted) is to contact that seller to find out more about the boat. What condition is she in? Where can I see it? What’s the bottom line price? Rest assured that for the most part you will hear what you’re supposed to be told.

She’s a 9, easy to see and just put a number of the paper because this seller is motivated.

The fact is that all these boats need to sell and everyone, be it brokers or the actual boat owners, are indeed motivated to sell. The broker may be under heat from the seller, brokerage house and/or bill collectors so they might fudge the truth a little to at least get you to come see the boat. They’re hoping that you’ll see the real beauty of the boat and maybe fall in love or maybe that you’ll fall in love with them and want to use them as your broker of choice.  If you deal directly with the seller then you’ll be encountering emotions stemming from hard engraved memories (good or bad) of the boat. They may have sunk boatloads (pun intended) of cash fixing her up and now feel that they deserve to get it all back. On the other extreme, you might find a divorcee that wants/needs to get rid of that boat fast and will say anything to get you there. Worse yet is when your expectations of a 9 are no where near the seller’s rating scale.

Whatever the case, you’re likely not to get the fully accurate story on the first go around.

We deal with it everyday and it’s as annoying to us as I’m making it read on this post. It’s infuriating and disappointing to drive 8 hours to see a boat that the broker/seller told you was  in prime shape only to find a boat that reeks of old shoe and is falling apart at the seams. Those feeling only become more amplified when you miss out on a good boat while chasing the wrong one. We’ve learned these lessons and have developed several screening techniques to protect us and our clients from wasting time and money.

The boats you see on this website are recommended by us for various reasons. It might be their condition, price or style, but they all share something in common: true value. If you become one of our Lucid members you will receive honest reviews with real photos, price comparisons and our unfiltered opinions. The goal is to get you on the water, not flood you with lists of boats.

We can’t post every boat that we like so please contact us if you don’t see what you’re looking for. We’ll exchange some emails or phone calls to get a true understanding of what you need and then we’ll go to work with proper suggestions. It’s very possible that you’re ideal boat is not currently available on the market and that’s ok. The point is for you to at least rely on some professional counseling so that you can hopefully start enjoying the right boat sooner and for the right price.

**Now, if you still want to explore boats on your own you can click here to see our Worldwide Yacht Search**