When Less Is More: why yacht owners opt for smaller boats

How smart design can help owners upgrade by downsizing their next yacht?
The award winning Setzer Yacht Architects share their take in a recently published article.

Yacht designer working on a new model

A growing number of owners are opting for smaller yachts, and expect them to pack a punch as strong (if not stronger) than their current big boat. Some believe the rising cost of fuel & the economy propelled this trend, but the decision to go small may be a lot more personal than you might think. When a large yacht owner realizes that ownership turned them into managers of a mini-corporation they seek an alternative. The end result is a fascinating trend in the boating industry.

Ward Setzer's award winning plumb bow and open plan design  the NISI 2400

Below are some excerpts from an article written by Ward and Joshua Setzer.

Setzer Yacht Architects

It used to be that large-yacht owners wanting to build in the 82- to 115-foot (25- to 35-meter) range believed they would have to sacrifice either quality or luxury. The unofficial industry mantra seemed to be “a better yacht is always bigger than your last.” Clients were often surprised, or even outright skeptical, when we suggested otherwise—that through clever design and careful project management, a 115-foot yacht could compete toe-to-toe on quality, performance and functionality with vessels at least 50 feet (15 meters) longer.

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Many owners have come to value simplicity in yacht design, but the shift is more complex than a focus on smaller, more “minimalist” yachts. The real trend, especially in recent years, is not toward a stripped-down design aesthetic, but a smarter, more compact one. At its core, this is not about less is more, but about getting more from less, a sort of ultra-practical approach with a laser-focus on value for money and ease of ownership.

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While the progression through bigger and bigger vessels may remain as a right of passage for yacht owners, it is no longer the only path available. Downsizing today is a more viable means of upgrading than ever before, and the case for it becomes more compelling every year.

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