A Practical Guide To Yacht Insurance

As yachts become exponentially more complex so does insuring them.
Yacht insurance guide

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Lucid Yacht collaborated with a reputable Yacht Insurance house to bring you a Practical Guide To Yacht Insurance a quick read to cover the basics.

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Yacht in the Exumas Bahamas

Reading through the insurance terms of your yacht is probably less exciting than watching paint dry.Though, if you think about it, almost everything you do on your yacht is dictated by her insurance policy:

  • Navigation restrictions
  • Staffing requirements
  • Home port
  • Use of water toys or scuba gear
  • Number of passengers on board
  • Use of the yacht
  • Where to repair/refit
  • and much more

This guide will be a great starting point to review your existing insurance, shop for a new policy, or call your yacht insurance agent to clear things up.

Safe boating