Yacht Thruster – bow and stern thruster


Yacht Thruster is an externally mounted bow and stern thruster solution for yachts and sail boats 20 feet to 65 feet

Did you ever dock your boat alone in windy conditions? Maintain your position while waiting for bridge clearance? Did you have to do it without bow/stern thrusters? If so we solute you, but boating should be about fun not nerve-racking, finger biting, gray hair inducing (get the picture) moments! Introducing Yacht thruster a German Quality and Swiss precision thruster that is designed to provide almost triple the operation run time of a comparative electrical thruster system. Roughly 25 minutes of run time in a single hour to be exact.

The yacht thruster - best bow and stern thruster in the market today

Key Advantages:

Easy and fast to install like a thru-hull fitting
No fiberglass lamination required
Minimal space required in boat interior
Long run time due to water cooling
Minimal noise due to precision machinery and external mounting
Maintenance free – require no maintenance other than normal bottom paint
3 years of full guarantee

Yacht Thruster production

The Thruster is made out of a single block of aluminum that is milled into shape – translate to safer, stronger, and more durable

Yacht Thruster production

Q: How much does the EXTURN bow and stern thruster slow my boat down?

A: When positioned correctly, Yacht Thruster has minimal effects on your boat speed. In fact it slows the boat less than a conventional bow thrusters with transverse tunnel inside the hull, because the current doesn’t stall directly along the hull and generates less turbulence.

Within a testing environment, depending on the positioning, the loss of speed differs between 0.1 and 0.2 knots at a reference speed of 9 knots, which is comparable to a folding propeller. On motorboats (glider, half glider), when correctly positioned as bow thruster, the Yacht Thruster is located outside the water during drive and therefore doesn’t slow at all.

Yacht Thruster revolutionary design for bow and stern thruster

Simplex: for bow and stern installation on sailing and motor boat

The Yacht Thruster duplex solution for optimal bow and stern thrusters

Duplex: two thrusters could be mounted together in one unite

A compact Yacht Thruster solution

Compact-Stern: for stern installation on boats

Yacht Thruster the best bow and stern thruster solution

Installation is simple …


Yacht Thruster is easy to install and usually takes only about 1-2 hours for the thruster itself (without cable connections).

It is necessary to drill a hole of 2 in diameter through the hull for the threaded bolt which is a hollow sealed shaft and contains the cables. The mounting kit is provided with bolts and pressure-tight sealings. Once the cable has is laid inside the boat and the control panel is attached and fastened the installation is complete.

To ensure the complete sealing the mounting bolt comes with a pressure-tight sealing system which closes the drill hole completely. The system is certified by Technical University Munich, and when installed correctly could function for more than 15 years.

Yacht Thruster & Yacht Controller:

Yacht Thruster is brought to you by Yacht Controller the dual band remote control that will control your engines and thruster motions as you walk around the boat freely. If you really want to spoil yourself this cruising season ask us about the Yacht Controller and Thruster package. Both system work incredibly well together.


How much and how do I get one?

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